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A message from Mr Westgarth, Executive Headteacher . . .


Dear Parents & Carers

Term is now well underway and the children are hard at work on this terms projects.  You will have received a letter from one or more of the Assistant Principals outlining the work that the children are doing this term and giving you some ideas of how you can help at home through our ‘take home tasks’.  We really enjoy seeing the work that the children bring in from home – together with you children you often produce some stunning work!

We have an incredibly busy year ahead and have set ourselves some really challenging targets.  With our results at KS1 and 2 already above the national average we want to push on further to take our results well above national.  The targets that we have set for 2014 are:

  • 98% of pupils achieve 2 levels of progress in English
  • 98% of pupils achieve 2 levels of progress in Maths
  • 93% of pupils achieve Level 4+ in English
  • 90% of pupils achieve Level4+ in English & Maths
  • 94% of pupils achieve Level4+ in Mathematics
  • 38% of pupils achieve Level 5 in English
  • 45% of pupils achieve Level 5 in Maths
  • 36% of pupils attain Level 5 in English & Maths

Looking at our attainment over the past three years we can see a steadily improving picture from well below the national average in 2011 to above the national average in 2013.

We are developing a strong track record which is testament to the good work of the staff team. However, we recognise that there is plenty for us still to do.    This year our school improvement plan sees us tackling the following:

  • Improving Marking and Feedback
  • Improving the teaching of Phonics, Spelling & Grammar
  • Implementing the new National Curriculum in readiness for 2014.
  • Improving behaviour further through the use of SEAL (Social & Emotional Aspects of Learning) materials and WWO (Working With Others) materials to promote collaborative group work and through the development of a ‘Restorative Justice’ programme.


Over the last four years Southway has strengthened considerably, and as a result of the secure position we are now in, I have been asked by United Learning to take on a temporary ‘Executive Headship’ to provide support to another school in the group – where unfortunately the Principal is unwell.

Therefore, during the spring and summer terms, I will be overseeing Southway whilst supporting Beacon View Primary Academy in Portsmouth.

To ensure that things continue to tick over nicely for the children of Southway, the following plans are now in place:
# During the spring and summer terms Miss Sarah Holland, (Vice Principal, Inclusion) will be stepping up as ‘Head of School’. Miss Holland will assume overall responsibility for behaviour & safeguarding and will oversee any necessary recruitment.
# Mr Alex Blackman will be taking on additional responsibilities, and will take overall responsibility for overseeing the quality of teaching and learning, assessment, attendance & premises.
# Mr Andrew Strong will be stepping up to become a Vice Principal and will retain responsibility for Key Stage 2 whilst taking on some additional operational responsibilities to ensure the school continues to run smoothly.
# All other areas of the school’s staffing remain the same. As always, our class teachers are on hand to deal with any issues that you may have, and should you need further advice – this should be directed to Mrs Cripps, Mrs Chubb or Mr Strong in the first instance.

This year sees the introduction of specials sports coaching in Key Stage 2 (years 3, 4, 5 & 6).  From Sept this year, in addition to the specialist Dance teaching we already had in place, we now are able to provide specialist coaching in gymnastics and competitive team games for our pupils.  This is funded through the new ‘sports premium’ – money which comes to all primary schools directly from the government to improve PE provision.  We are very pleased to have secured specialist teachers from The Regis PE dept. to deliver high quality PE lessons.

You may also have heard the recent announcement from the government concerning free hot meals for all infant pupils.  I am yet to have specific guidance but will let you know how we plan to implement this as soon as I know more.

Finally, huge thanks to the enormous number of parents and family members who have attended our reading workshops and who are now volunteering in school – listening to children read.  I cannot begin to tell you how grateful we are for your time.  Our team of reading volunteers make an enormous difference to our children by providing them with increased one-to-one reading practice.  If you are interested in reading in school, please contact Mrs Liz Sumner, Reading Manger Elizabeth.sumner@southwayprimary.co.uk

As ever, if you need to see me or any of the school staff, appointments can me made via the school office – or we can always regularly be found on the school gate!

Kind Regards

Mr M. R Westgarth - Executive Headteacher -Southway Primary School



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Our school has seven key words, called 'The Southway Seven', that form the basis of our ethos and values.

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